Mauritius, a small island (61 km long and 46 km wide) in the Indian Ocean, is very well known as the perfect island holiday destination. Located a short 3.5 hour flight from Johannesburg in South Africa, with several flights daily, it can also be beautifully combined with a safari experience.


Mauritius offers kilometres and kilometres of magnificent beaches, outstanding snorkelling and diving as well as plenty other water sports, exquisite golf courses and a fabulous and diverse cuisine.


The first people to set foot on the island of Mauritius were Arab sailors and merchants. Arabs merchant ships have been sailing the Indian Ocean for centuries. Important trading routes linked the east coast of Africa and Madagascar with the Arabian peninsula, India and Indonesia.


Mauritius offers an array of accommodation: romantic and luxurious retreats, ideal for the perfect honeymoon, family hotels and self catering bungalows, there is something for everybody.


Situated near the Tropic of Capricorn, Mauritius has the advantage of a subtropical climate. The climate is very pleasant, as the heat is never unbearable and even in the “winter months” June to August the average daytime temperature is around 24 degrees Celsius and at night rarely lower than 17 degrees Celsius.


The Cyclone season generally occurs between January to March. Tropical cyclones are a common occurrence in Mauritius and tend to disrupt the weather for only about four days per year bringing a lot of rain in the region. Visitors should be prepared to spend a few days indoors during extra-heavy rains.


December through March is the best time for diving, when the waters are at their clearest; June through August is best for surfing; and October through April is excellent for big game fishing, when the large predators feed close to shore.


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